The Fisher Body Craftsman Guild -- An Illustrated History, By John L. Jacobus published by McFarland & Company, Inc., July 2005. Contains 171 period-vintage photographs, 330 pages, hardbound.

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Name: Nick Chandler
Country: Date: Tue Oct 28, 2008

Comment: Mr. Jacobus, My father is retiring from GM this week and devoted 20 of his 30 years with GM to the Fisherbody plant in West Mifflin PA. I was trying to find a memorabilia stage coach as a gift to him. Can you Help me on where I might be able to locate such a thing. I greatly appreciate you time and Thank you, Nick Chandler

Name: Susan Clark Pellman
Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 13, 2008

Comment: Hey, John. I have an idea for you to kick over in your brain when you get a free moment. Ron and I live in Sarasota, as does Ace Foggarty. I would like to volunteer to host an exhibition/gathering of the group for an upcoming time. There are several possible venues, including the Ringling School of Art, the Ringling Art Museum, and the Sarasota Antique Car Museum. This could be in two years or in five. I think with all the old retired engineers, designers, etc, that live down here, we could draw a good crowd. Besides, who wouldn't want to come to Florida for a few days in the middle of winter?Let me know if you think this could float. - Susan

Name: Laura Wergin Comeau
Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 2008 20 12:36:32 2008

Comment: I am not sure if you can direct me — but I had a great uncle Leo Gauthier who worked for Body by Fisher in the 40s and 50s and am trying to track down information regarding that — our family history tells that he had a photographic memory and was frequently sent on overseas trip and then did drawings of what he saw for the government during the WWII era while working for Fisher. He was born in Two Rivers Wisconsin.

Address: Box 681 Marathon, Ontario, Canada p0t 2e0; Phone: 807-229-2818

Name: Steven Sullivan
Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 12 11:34:32 2008

Comment: I always loved cars. Even as young as age 3, my dad had taught me to name all the different makes on the street as he drove. My first effort earned an H.M. in '64, then First Place in '65 at age 15. I'm still with the cars… Only now they're life size. Thanks, FBCG, for a great experience.

Name: John W Parr
Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 17 23:16:49 2008

Comment: my father entered the competition in the year 1939, he didn't win, but the design was liked and further it was built in the year 1943. He kept record of it since 1981. He is now 102. And has been trying to track it down. Last he heard that the coach is in UK. Help me in tracking it down.

Name: Dennis Heppner
Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 18 09:21:42 2008

Comment: I entered the contest from 1962-1968. I won the junior divisional award in 1963 went to Detriot that summer. My last year was 1968 and I started my nephew out that year when he was 11. We both won first place in the Montana state division only to find the contest was ceasing its program. He became a mechanical engineer and I have often wondered what his career would have been had the contest stayed in place.

Name: Mike Vevurka
Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 27 08:42:32 2007

Comment: My father Simon W Vevurka entered in the FBCG Contest 1937. Thereabouts made a coach and when it was shipped the axle broke. He got honorable mention. Last I knew the coach ended up in Oregon or Washington State with old relatives. He had no idea where it went. He has passed away but recently I obtained an old kit and would like to rebuild a legacy. If you can research anything about him it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

842 White Memorial Church Rd, Willow Spring, NC 27592
Phone: 919-524-3511

Name: Dave Snyder
Country: Date: Mon Dec 10 10:36:06 2007

Comment: In 1931, my father, Harold Snyder, entered the contest and placed first in interior design and 2nd overall in Ohio. I have inherited the coach and was looking for info and was intrigued by your book. Is it still available?

Address: 3236 S 100 W, Hartford City, IN 47348
Phone: 765-348-2215

Name: Kristi Olson
Country: Date: Tue Nov 27 04:21:50 2007

Comment: Do you know anything about a motion picture file that was supposed to be intended for exhibition in schools to help with enrollment campaign. (1947). The reason I ask is I am currently working on a project for my grandfather who went to the convention in 1946 to Detroit. I have pictures from it that I am putting into a scrapbook but I was wondering if it ever went to print and if there was any way to possible get a copy of it.

Add: PO BOX 973, Emmett. ID 83617
Ph: 208-230-1114

Name: Curtis L Biggar
Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 18 10:14:37 2007

Comment: Am sending photos of car entered in 1953+/- entry (won 2nd place in Iowa).

Address: 4400 W Pine St, Appleton WI 54914
Phone: 920 7393144

Name: Alan R. Young
Country: Date: Mon Nov 17 10:39:17 2007

Comment: My father, William H. Young, was one of three finalists in 1932. I still have the miniature carriage and it is in excellent shape. Just thought you might be interested if you archive such information.

Address: 87 Grassy Knob Ct., Jasper, Ga. 30143
Phone: 706-692-4002

Name: Douglas A. Becker
Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 7 11:04:48 2007

Comment: I am proud to have the coach built for the 1937 competition by my father, Robert A. Becker of Indianapolis IN. This coach won 1st State of Indiana and remains in excellent condition to this day. Robert graduated from Purdue U and worked at Allison Div GM for 32 years. We are setting up a traveling display to accompany us at AACA & Buick Club meets as so little is known of the FBCG and its history. Excellent book!

Name: John Staton
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 16 05:11:11 2007

Comment: My Brother entered the Fisher Body Contest in the early 1960's and received special recommendations. He did not attend GMI because he could not find a sponsor. I hear that his car was built into a concept vehicle and is still on display somewhere ...the Amerigo?? His name is William G. Staton. How can I find information regarding my search. Phone: 5176272554

Name: Melanie Mock
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 10 11:21:37 2007

Comment: I have 4 Napoleonic coach paper cut out kits and would like to know what they are worth so I know what to do with them, should I donate them to goodwill? Thanks.

1225 Meadow Dr, Molalla, OR 97038. Ph: 5038291340

Name: Todd Barbee
Country: Date: Mon Sep 17 23:18:59 2007

Comment: Hello,

Came across your book and information online, and would like to know if theres any way to determine the person or persons who made a particular coach for the guild? I have a Coach and plans, and have flirted with the idea of selling it, but would like to find out as much information about the piece as I can so I can accurately describe it. If you know of any particular way to identify the maker or makers of a particular coach (Napoleonic) please advise at your earliest convenience.

Todd Barbee

Name: Samuel Kjellman
Country: Date: Thu Sep 13 21:32:13 2007

Comment: Thank you John for the mailing. I was quite surprised to hear about FisherGuild.com. I'm wondering to what extent you have been able to compile a directory of Guildsmen. What a wonderful program it was! It profoundly changed my life. I was in '59, '60, '61, '62, & '64. My scholarship, however, came during college from Ford where I later worked from '67-'72.

Sam 30 Nichols Road, Weare, NH 03281, Phone: 603-529-8710

Name: Dean W. Hobbensiefken
Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 5 22:03:01 2007

Comment: Hello Mr. Jacobus: You have an interesting site. It is good that you keep the story of the Guild alive.

I am now 73 and remember with pride the model I built for the compentition in 1949. Many in my class at Olympia, Wa. started models, however, I was the only one to finish one. My model won 3rd place in the Oregon-Washington Div. I was 15 at the time.

Through my later work as an adult I was made an honorary member of SAE.

I still have the model. You may check out my two websites at
www.PaymasterTruck.com and www.NotOfThisWorldBook.com

With Kind Regards,
Dean W. Hobbensiefken

10885 S.W. Parkwood Ct., Wilsonville, OR 97070, Phone: 503-970-4617

Name: Bob Webster
Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 5 13:18:47 2007

Comment: I have the plans and kit for a Napoleonic Coach for the 1932 Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild contest. Also have a letter to my father (at age 16) from the contest informing him that final mailing instructions would only be sent to those building a model for the contest. There are instructions for building a box to ship the model. An impressive plans and instructions manual is included. Looking for value of this. Willing to sell.

Name: Noel Ratch
Country: Canada Date: Fri Aug 31 03:54:50 2007

Comment: Would you have a listing of when certain people won the Bodies by Fisher college scholarship? I have recently accessioned a coach that won second place in the contest sometime in the 1930s. However, I do not know when. The gentleman's name was Stewart Hale of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). I am told he won in the early 1930s.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum
P.O. Box 6360, Wetaskiwin, AB, T9A 0V7 CANADA
Phone: 780-361-1351

Name: Jane Larson
Country: Date: Wed Aug 8 11:32:15 2007

Comment: This is going to sound strange, but please bear with me.

My parents found a wallet belonging to a member of The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. His name is Welf H. Heick.

I'm trying to find his family so I can return his wallet, it has family pictures in it, etc. Do you have any records of this man? He has a dollar bill in said wallet dated 1938.

Name: Robert Cunningham
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 19 17:41:09 2007

Comment: I have a set of plans for the coach with amazing plates along with issues of the Guildsman- V. 1 No. 1-4; V. 2 No. 1-4 (1934-35) for sale on eBay.

Name: Bob Moyer
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 15 07:32:24 2007

Comment: My Uncle (Paul Rempp) entered in 1931 and 1932. His coach won PA 1st Senior Award in '32. I have been collecting the early issues of the Guildsman magazine but cannot determined exactly how many issues of the original (Coach years) magazines there were. Vol 1 , No. 1 was April 1934 and the last last issue I have seen was Vol 2, No 4 Jul/Aug 1935 - were there others after that but before WWII?

Name: Randy Mytar
Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 10 20:04:23 2007

Comment: Heard of your book via a mailing. Please call me. I graduated Art Center 71, started teaching there in 72, entered FBCG in 62, 63, 65.

Randy Mytar
3925 Sepulveda Blvd., Sherman Oaks CA 91403
Ph: 818 789 7719

Name: Thomas L. De Fazio
Country: Date: Thu Jun 7 22:40:45 2007

Comment: JLJ Promo Letter received, and I thank you for it. I look forward to buying the book. I recall several of the "player" contributors to the book from the 1950's.

I had been at Detroit in 1956 and 1958 (Regionals), and took a FBCG Styling Scholarship in 1960. It is truly sad that GM can no longer afford to offer this contest. You have done us a service by documenting the FBCG contest and its era.


Name: Michael Calamai
Country: Date: Wed May 30 21:53:32 2007

Comment: Might be a wild search but my father built a Napoleonic coach and won a Fisher Body Guild award for it. The award is dated July 2 1931 or it could be 1937. His name was Henry Calamai. I have been trying to research this with limited success. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Richard Wehrman (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri May 4 12:55:41 2007

Comment: This is a great book and personal record. I (and my brother Ken) were both Guild scholarship winners. We ended up as graphic designers (and I an illustrator) due in great part to the skill, discipline and recognition received through participating in a great American crafts movement. Thanks for chronicling the history of the FBCG.

Name: John L. Jacobus
Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 19 11:01:56 2007

Comment: 4/19/07 Thank you to all my new book purchasers: Walter Miller (AutoLit); Sharon McLellan & Mona Nath (Automotive Chronicles); Clarkson Univ. Library; Memorial Univ. Library; Raymond P.Wykes ('53); Wilfred C.Keagy ('53); Rick Eccli (WY Vintage Tin); Anthony 'Tony' Caracciolo ('55); James P. Barnett ('63); Antonio 'Tony' Marmela ('53); Tom Wentland; Nick Rossi ('58)and Mark Jones. Best regards from John L. Jacobus.

Name: Joseph Arkeder
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 17 02:55:14 2007

Comment: Joseph Arkeder was fascinated with design from an early age. As the son and grandson of General Motors employees, Joseph inherited a fascination with the automobile. As a youth he enrolled in the Fisher Body Craftsmen's Guild, a General Motors program for young designers. It was here that he first developed his model making skills and appreciation of three dimensional (3D) design. Arkeder states: "Design should be timeless, incorporating the best of the past while looking toward the future."

Name: morganusvitus
Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 5 10:02:14 2007

Comment: The site looks great! Thanks for all your help (past, present and future!)

Name: Richard Rice
Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 24 12:28:44 2007

Comment: Good day I won Ore. state awards from 54, 55, 56, 57. Then went to Art Center as a design major.

I have just restored the two I have and wondered if any en***y might have any photos of the Ore. state winners for 54 and 55. Thank you in advance.
Richard Rice

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 29 17:59:06 2007

Comment: 1-30-07 Thank you to more Guild book purchasers: Western Carolina Univ; Gerald & Wanda Quesnell; Marian Bakken; Tom & Margaret Covert (1962 nat'l scholarship); Geoffrey R. Hacker,Ph.D (El Tiburon); Prof. Newell G. Bringhurst ('60 Styling Scholar- ship); James S. Toothman('32 coach builder, First state WV); Everett M Schenk ('31 regional coach builder VT) Andrew/Sharon, Emily/Danny Cooper; *** E. Eairheart. Best from John L. Jacobus

Name: Bill Merz
Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Jan 3 03:49:24 2007

Comment: John, it was great to meet and have you speak at our meeting. Everyone had a good time. I was glad to see that you enjoyed our breakfst club meeting that followed. I am also glad that your book is selling! I am sure that selling books makes all the hard work worth it. I was happy to make your aquaintance. Good luck with the book and drop me a line form time to time would you!

Bill Merz,secretary of the Jersey Shore Model Car Club, Brick ,N.J.

Name: Thomas W. Smith
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 14:27:43 2006

Comment: My father from Cleveland Ohio William L. Smith participated and won 1st place back in the 1930's. I still have the coach and documentation regarding competition. any other information or interest, would be of interest to my family.

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 12:47:04 2006

Comment: Happy New Year 01/01/07 Many thanks to FBCG book buyers: Green Cty Public Library(OH), Columbia-Greene Community College (SUNY),Bill&Thelma MacDonald, Raymond P.Wykes (top '53 nat'l winner), Fred Lentz, James Kutza, Ron Dickson (Guildsman) Thank you FBCG book dealers: Amazon (USA, Canada, UK, France & Japan), Barnes&Noble, Abebooks, Abebooks.co.uk, Alibris, Wal*Mart, Ebay, ScaleModel.NET BookStore, Tower Records, Sinclair Mini Autos, Motorbooks.co.uk, etc. John L. Jacobus.

Name: Grant Louis Onnie
Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 11 14:00:45 2006

Comment: Dear Friends,

I was the 1st place national winner in the senior division of the Guild for 1968 (the last year of the guild contest). I was a highschool senior at the time and was devoted to my model car to the extent that I missed my senior prom.

Kudos to the author of the book about the guild. His work is as meticulous as most of the cars that I saw back in the day.

If there are any guild members from the sixties who want to send an email note it would be nice. Si

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 10 06:30:07 2006

Comment: 12-10-06 Many thanks and much appreciation to the following folks for purchasing the FBCG book: Hal Chaffee of Model Builders, Inc. of Chicago; Chipola Community College, Marianna,Fl; Richard W.Benz and his father B.W.Benz; Mahlon V.R. 'Van' Freeman (47R); James G. Safranek; Daniel Megard (amazon buyer); Howard J. Assel (1949 nat'l winner), Bonner Griner (1963 styling award winner) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Thank you. John L. Jacobus

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 24 20:17:43 2006

Comment: 9-24-06 New buyers of FBCG book: Vancouver Public Library; CAL State Univ Northridge; Paul McConnell, Encinitas CA; Richard W.Smith,Oakland CA; Andrew Bastone,Granville, OH; Richard Strauss,Palm City, FL; Anthony M. Ballein,Los Alamitos CA; Carl E. Lunstrom,Marietta GA; Yin Yeh,Jen Yeh & Elizabeth T. Yeh, Davis CA; Rick Armiger, Balto. MD; John Erskine, Wasilla Alaska; Robert T. Eskridge, Boca Raton FL; Tom Hibschman, Kittery Point ME. Thank you from John Jacobus, McFarland Author.

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 7 19:06:27 2006

Comment: 8-07-06 NEW FBCG book buys/reviews: David Sinclair, Sinclair Mini Autos; Mike Barricks( '55);Adrian Bruno( '55); Ohio State U. Lib(LOC-TL235.J34 2005); South Plains Comm Coll. Lib. Levelland, TX, Northern ME Comm.Coll.Lib., Presque Isle; U Nevada @ Las Vegas Lib., Northhampton Comm. Coll. Bethlehem PA; Oakland Comm Coll. Detroit ; "Rebirthing Simpson's Vision" & The Jalopy Journal bloggers & No thk U Scott Aho, MN Street Rodder's Assoc. for your no-bull review. I thank you all. John L/Jacob

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 7 19:02:12 2006

Comment: 8-07-06 NEW FBCG book buys/reviews: David Sinclair, Sinclair Mini Autos; Mike Barricks('55);Adrian Bruno('55);Ohio State U. Lib(LOC-TL235.J34 2005); South Plains Comm Coll. Lib. Levelland, TX, Northern ME Comm.Coll.Lib., Presque Isle; U Nevada @ Las Vegas Lib., Northhampton Comm. Coll. Bethlehem PA; Oakland Comm Coll. Detroi; "Rebirthing Simpson's Vision" & The Jalopy Journal.com blogs & No thank you to Scott Aho, Minn. Street Rod Assoc. for your no-bull review. I thank you all. John Jacobus

Name: Tom Sendek
Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 26 12:51:58 2006

Comment: My Uncle Edward Sendek won this scholarship in approximately, 1936, 1937. He lived in Monessen, PA. I have been trying to locate his coach without any success. I am a nephew of his. My uncle passed away almost 30 years ago. If anyone has any ideas on where I can find his coach or can help me, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Name: Adrian Bruno
Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 19 15:03:04 2006

Comment: 1955 Junior Division 2nd National winner from Rochester, NY. Still working in new product design and development in the Chicago area.

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 30 17:36:21 2006

Comment: 6-30-06 More purhcases of your FBCG book: God Bless all 5 campuses of Oakland Community College (OCC) in the Detroit Metro area; Brett C. Snyder (Del Ray Be.FL); Bill Merz/John Stark(NJ Shore Modelers club); Rick Armiger(Balto.);Charles Foreman(Dallas TX); Ed Lawson; Dave Klocke (KY); Samuel R Engle(CA); Shannon Flowers of Wood Carving Illustrated; see my online ads in "Toy Cars & Models," Krause Pubs,& "Scale Auto" & "Fine Scale Modeler" @ Kalmbach. Happy 4th July John Jacobus

Name: Charles Foreman
Country: USA Date: Mon May 29 17:49:39 2006

Comment: I purchased your book last year and enjoyed it very much. I was so glad someone had finally documented the history of the Guild. I entered the FBCG competition four times, 1950 through 1954, and won Junior Regional (Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona)and a trip to Detroit in 1952. I still have my car models. I worked for Vought Aircraft in Dallas for 39 years as an aircraft structural engineer, and recently retired.

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun May 14 06:51:01 2006

Comment: May 14, 2006 Thank you FBCG book purchasers: McPherson College Library, McPher,KS; Pat Chappell, Chevy Club of Amer, Wilming. DE; Robert J. Oberlander, David Fridberg (1968 HM),Herndon VA; Roger Lachele (GMI grad.), Dallas, TX; Robert T. Eskridge ('46R,'47R,'48R),Baton Raton FL; Chad @ MD Auto Modeler's Assoc;, Tom Hibschman ('62,'63,'64,'65) Maine, Rafael Steinbach (New York City), Steve Purdy,Detroit Editor,www.The AutoChannel.com. R=regional winner. Sincerely, John L. Jacobus, McF Author

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 21 09:03:44 2006

Comment: April 21, 2006 Many thanks to the following new purchasers of your FBCG Reunion book: Grant Garrison, Joseph Constantino, Dick Groenheide (Dad's Hobby Shop), San Diego State Univ Library, Mardigian Library @ UM-Dearborn Campus, Mansfield Library @ Ohio State Univ., David JKlocke, Mark SGustavson, E. Illinois Univ Library, James D. Dickey, Hemmings Motor Books, YBP Community College Ctr, Motor Books UK, Tatoo Books Book Store, GoHastings.com, Best regards John Jacobus, McFarland Author

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 11 08:40:37 2006

Comment: April 11-06 Thank you to the following periodicals 4 endorse/review/coverage: Old Cars 8/05; www.AutomotiveChronicles.com 10/05, 2/06; CruZ'n' magazine 11&12/05 by Al Drake; The Flying Lady 1&2 2006; Car and Driver, 3/06 by Patrick Bedard; Choice 3/06, book reviews for academic libraries. Also,I thank the Editors of Cars and Parts, Collectible Automobile and Hemmings Classic Car magazines for their pop coverage & remembering the Fisher-Guild. John L Jacobus, McFarland Author, Guildsman 61-66

Name: J
Country: U..S.A. Date: Fri Mar 17 11:45:09 2006

Comment: I recently came across a copy of your book and found it interesting. It's too bad the competition no longer exists. It would be a great way of getting young people involved in someting productive rather than playing video games all the time. Wouldn't it be great if the folks at Hot Wheels or Matchbox or some other diecast company were to make diecast version of some of the cars that won over the years. Oh well, wishfull thinking I suppose.

Take care.

Name: Ed Lawson
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 4 14:30:01 2006

Comment: I won 3 state competitions in 1957, 1958, and 1959. Won 3rd place in natitional competition and a scholarship which I used to attend the Art Center in Los Angeles. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity in my life and share the experience with many other talented fellows.

Name: Dave Klocke
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 23 13:38:14 2006

Comment: I won state awards in 1949 and 1950 from Kentucky and then regional awards in 1951 and 1952. My wife gave me the book for Christmas and I hope there is a future opportinity for me to reconnect with the community.

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 7 07:05:17 2006

Comment: 2-07-06 Many thanks to the NEW purhasers of your Fisher-Guild book: Jerry Turner, Skippy Geear, H. John Hambrock III, Frank Levering & Wanda Urbanska, North Carolina SU D.H. Library, Southern Utah Univ. Library, Norman Veber, Ralph Schreiber, Joel Piaskowski, Michael Capizola, Charles Costello, Peggy Whitman, Allen Weideman, d G. Swanburg & Gary P. Card. Be sure to read Patrick Bedard's Fisher Guild book review in "Car and Driver" magazine March, 2006 issue page 27. John L Jacobus Author

Name: Gary P. Card
Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 31 10:46:45 2006

Comment: I was fortunate to win several state awards from Rhode Island in the 1960s, after the Simone Brothers era. I'm pleased to say that my experience in the FBCG taught me to persevere with difficult tasks, always give my best effort, and to sweat the details. In 1999 it was a thrill for me to meet Mr. Chuck Jordan at the Monterrey Historic Auto Races and discuss the FBCG with him. I'm delighted that the FBCG has not become a forgotten piece of automotive history!

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Dec 28 21:09:51 2005

Comment: 12-28-05 Many thanks to folks who ordered the new Guild book recently including Barry E.Herr, Author James Farrell, Leo Brereton, Rino S.Conti, Gail C.Hammond, John M.Sparnicht, Gordon Williams, Charles Devrick, Emmett E.Day, Glenn F.Benge, Julie L.Long, David Jacobus, Chris Jacobus, Richard Jacobus, Janis O'Connor, & Walter Miller with repeat orders Ron Pellman, Allen Weideman and Terry P.Garboski. To be cont'd. Many, Many Thanks from John Jacobus, McF Author

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 28 20:53:44 2005

Comment: 12-28-05 Many thanks to new folks who ordered the Guild book: Bill Porter, Robin Norton, Lloyd G. Swanburg, Galt S.Bowen, Leonard C.Bellanca, Kristen Jamison, Caulfield Libr. Monash Univ., Jerry Turner, Charles Costello, Washington Times' Bill O'Brien, James W. Stengle, Henry Huizenga, George G. Herzog, Oskar Heininger, John H. Rudolph, Darwin Hawthorne, Robert Vahscoltz, Car & Driver's Patrick Bedard, James L Garner, Tony Ciminera, Joe Arnold, Warren Bakken, Gordon A. Bertrand (cont'd above

Name: Jeff Jones
Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 15 10:06:23 2005

Comment: I have the book and it is wonerful. Just wish there were more picutres! In that vein, how about putting a page on this site for us members to psot pictures of our old entires. I never tire of looking at FBCG cars.

I entered 5 cars from '63 thru '67 and did not win any awards. I am humbled by you who won multiple times! Am in the process of restroing my cars. Have one finished and one about half done.

Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 11 12:38:23 2005

Comment: I was very disappointed that I missed the reunion, but I am pleased it was recorded. I would liked to have visited with Ron Will, Chuck Pelley and others from the senior class of 1961. Please contact me for future activities

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 2 06:21:17 2005

Comment: Nov02,2005 Cont'ed. UPDATE my thanks and appreciation to these additional buyers of the Fisher-Guild book: Bruce C. Spinney, J. Bud Steinhilber, Florence Stolman, U of Alberta, Hampton C. Wayt, Randal L. Wiginton, Robin B. Wilson, and Steve L. Wolken. Sincerely John L Jacobus, McFarland Author

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 2 06:10:56 2005

Comment: Nov 02, 2005 UPDATE: Many thanks and much appreciation to these NEW BUYERS of Fisher-Guild book: W.M.Bakken, D.Bibler, B.Blackburn, P.F.Bonfilio, D.Bornemeier Ph.D, J.W.D'Mura, G.Gadda, T.Goad, U.David, S.T.Denek, John & Stella, Marie & Johnnie Jendza III, J.A.Jones, W.Keyser, J. Kniss, S.Levy, J.L.Long, R.H. Oetting, W.A.Ogram, Old Dominion U Lib., V.J.Rauth, BE.Ray, M.R. Redick, H.F. Rom, E. Russ Russinoff, L.T. Schiffer, F.A.Sharf, A.V.Simone, E.Simone, G.A.Simone(Cont'd above) John Jacobus

Name: Dwight Bornemeier
Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 16 16:22:12 2005

Comment: I won a couple of trips to Detroit as Regional (Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota) Junior winner in 1951 and Senior winner in 1952. Went on to a career in physics. Still have the models somewhere.

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 10 19:06:14 2005

Comment: 10-10-5 Thanks to more Fisher-Guild purchasers; RG McClellan, Mike & Richard Pietruska, Rich Benz, TW Metcalfe, R.Boyer, PG Wiinikka, D Hoeft, WG Henderson, Ted Becker, RD Teter, Bob Sirna, Jack Given, Doug Young, PF Lieske, S. Derezinski, Art Russell, the 3 Simone brothers, Peggy Whitman, JM Mellberg, John F Marsh, RC McLellan, Jim Louton, Larry P. Fisher II, & Norm Metivier. Many thanks from John Jacobus, McFarland Author

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 10 18:54:06 2005

Comment: 10-10-05 A few Guild Book purchasers; JB Goldstein, LaMont Kucker, W. Marks, JE Pryor, DP Hronek, AM Mandel, B Fitzpatrick, L Pergander, A. Joslin, ED Solarz, L. Peiffer, Bud Magaldi, Glen Wintershceidt, Jerry "G" Grunstad, Paul Richardson, John S. Smith, Bob Davids, Jim Sponseller, Gene T. Izuno, Richard Wehrman, DW Jacobus, S. Peirce, G. Auguste, Ron Pellman, GR Chartier, "Stanton," T Jakups, LeRoy Cole, Tom Brownell, Joe Freeman, Paul Lashbrook, Steve Wilson. Sincerely John Jacobus

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 10 18:42:29 2005

Comment: October 10, 2005 Dear Guild Enthusiasts; Thank You to the many Fisher-Guild book purchasers; CM Jordan, VM Exner, Jr., RC Hill, R Shackleton, Don Tilly, Bud Steinhilber, Tony Mazzola, Don Mayton, Charlie Stewart, George Anderson, DA little, KG Saylor, Mike Lamm, G Wickersham, GP Morris, KA Kelly, Tom & Terry Graboski, Jim White, JD Marasa, Spencer Mackay,GB camp. JW Karsnick, John Rolls, SB Shuster, HE Schoepf, KJ Dowd, RJ Will, Gib McArdle, AT Weideman, (Cont'd above) John Jacobus

Name: John Francis Marsh (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 1 16:40:02 2005

Comment: Just got my long ordered copy! GREAT, Love the adding of the color section. I am the John Marsh in the Galen Wickersham's story P.167. Besides the life of a Industrial Designer I have been Fine Art Painting and have 4or5 Guild paintings. The latest was on show at Pebble Beach in August. 2-1st,1-2nd&1-3rd Conn.1950,51,52&53 FBCG winner. ACS 1956-59 BFA, EX GM.

Name: Mike Steed (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 26 18:14:32 2005

Comment: I competed in the last two years, junior division. Currently at Hewlett-Packard in the inkjet business.

Name: Norman Metivier
Country: United States Date: Wed Aug 31 15:59:46 2005

Comment: I am the 1947 New Hampshire State senior winner Fisher Body Craftmans Guild and then the 1948 Regional winner Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. At the time living, born, and raised in the northern-most city of Berlin, NH.

Name: Bob Guckenberger
Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 23 11:30:18 2005

Comment: I first saw the '53 Corvette at The Steel Pier in Atlantic City. My dad saw how taken I was and said "If you win a scholarship to college, I 'll buy you one. " My algebra grades precluded an academic scholarship, but I had seen an ad in Popular Science for the Guild saying they were awarding scholarships for design. This was the path to my Corvette! I entered a car in the 1954 competition and won a 1st state prize for NY. No Corvette, but it was a great experience!

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 20 08:50:57 2005

Comment: Dear Guild Enthusiasts, 8-16-05 UREKA! A 2 pounder. The Fisher-Guild Book was printed and has been released as of today Tuesday 8-16-05. The book is for sale at McFarland. I have copies of the book and it's a real "beauty." The packaging was magnificent and superb by McF. 171 photos w/ 41 color images, 330 pages and 130,000 words. 7" X 10" & 2 pounds of nostalgia. I am very proud of it and I hope you too will like it. Supplies are limited and sales are rolling in. Regards,John Jacobus,Aut

Name: Lloyd G. Swanburg
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 7 22:13:43 2005

Comment: I became a member of the Guild back in the 1950s, from New Hampshire; began a clay model, got quite far along but never quite finished it. I recently stumbled upon my FISHER BODY CRAFTSMAN'S GUILD membership card and just did a search on the Internet. What memories are flowing back. I used to draw car designs back then, and still have some of them. Happy to learn there's a book forthcoming!


Name: Tris Metcalfe (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 23 11:08:05 2005

Comment: New York State, 1st 1961 with another 1st prior to it and an honorable mention before that. I'm an architect, but currently I'm working on a new technology for transportation that could be here some day. If it is workable, it will have very significant improvements.

I recall a GM designer telling me at the awards week, as I showed the several energy efficient & racing ideas in my model, that energy efficincy or racing are no concern in sales marketing. How times change!

Name: Melvin F Sorensen
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 1 12:45:53 2005

Comment: Illinois Honorable Mention 1949/1950. Would like to hear from other FisherGuild Members

Name: John L. Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu May 26 09:21:30 2005

Comment: Dear Guild Enthusiasts, Book Production UPDATE May 26, 2005 - McF has 41 color images in the Guild book; miniature model coaches, scale model "dream cars" & Vince Rauth, Chuck Jordan and Robert Cadaret. There will be 121 B&W period-vintage photos and 8 illustrations. 350 pages and 130,000 words. I'm working the INDEX now, the final piece in the production process. There will be a two month printing period. I estimate an August 2005 Availablity Date. Sincerely, John Jacobus

Name: James E.Pryor, Jr.
Country: United States Date: Tue Apr 5 21:03:59 2005

Comment: Ihave ordered the book and am waiting for the publishing thereof. I was the first place winner in SC in 1931, Jnior Division and in 1932 and in 1932 and 1933, I was the senior winner in SC and enjoyed to trips to Detroit and one to the 1933 Worlds fair in Chicago.

Name: John Jacobus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 1 07:43:57 2005

Comment: Dear Guildsmen & Book Enthusiasts, 4-01-05 I just recently reviewed 360 + McFarland Galley Pages for "the book" & they did an excellent job of editing,layout and design. I think you'll be very proud of the final product which promises to be a technical book with 170 images in the offing. The possiblity of a color insert with the best guild color digital images is on the table (sur la table). A review of the final Galley Proof Pages is next. John Jacobus, Author

Name: Anthony Caracciolo
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 17 11:52:00 2005

Comment: I am the 1955 Junior 3rd place National $2000 Scholarship winner.

Name: Jack Mastbrook
Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 15 21:36:12 2005

Comment: Re: Galen Wickersham. Is he the same one that went to Kramer Jr. High in D.C. in Mrs. Irvin's home room class. We used to laugh about her mustache. Galen ecouraged me to run against the boys on the Jr. High track team in my street clothes. I beat them and ran track in Fla and Ga and did well.

I remember his father was the Rep. from OK.

If I have the right person, please pass this along.

Jack Mastbroo
Torrance Ca

Name: #CC0000
Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Dec 18 13:26:50 2004

Comment: Looking forward to ordering "The Book" I was fortunate enough to be at the reunion, and to be able to design and build five cars. One Honorable mention, one Third state, one First State, and one First State, Regional and Styling. It was a great experience, and like many others lead to a career (32.5years) as a Designer with Ford Motor Co. The reunion was great,and it was fun to see some of my fellow Guildsmen and friends from the small but talented Design Fraternity.

Name: Ward Stevko
Country: Date: Wed Dec 15 20:41:00 2004

Comment: my father was martin stevko I remember a book of drawings if any one has a info I would like it very mush dad has been dead 18 years now thank you

Name: Douglas Young
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 6 20:41:10 2004

Comment: I entered the contest four times and received First State in North Dakota. I believe in 1959.

I am looking forward to buying the book.

Name: Ron Tilley
Country: Date: Fri Aug 13 09:36:44 2004

Comment: Got an "Honorable Mention" in Illinois in 1952, which may have helped getting into GMI in 1953, which led to an interesting career in engineering.

Name: Steve Purdy (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 15 13:21:22 2004

Comment: Good Afternoon, Mr. Jacobus. I just garnered an assignment from Collectable Automobile to do a feature article on the upcoming reunion of the Fisher Guild at Eyes On Design. John Mellberg gave me your website address as a resource. Sounds like a great and interesting project - writing the book, that is. Good Luck! Will you be attending the events in Michigan?

Name: Stephen J. Derezinski (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue May 4 06:00:11 2004

Comment: I entered the competition a number of years in the state of Michigan. I won third place in the state in 1957 with a model that closely resembles the split grille that became the hallmark of Pontiac in 1959.

Name: RonPellman
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 6 12:55:24 2004

Comment: Looking forward to the reunion this June.

Name: Dennis Dowd
Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 1 14:40:20 2004

Comment: I always knew my brother Ken Dowd had class.

Name: Tony Simone
Country: Indonesia Date: Mon Mar 1 04:54:49 2004

Comment: Can't wait to see and meet everyone in June... and to view this site... a dream come true... Tony Simone

Name: William F. Marks
Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 29 16:03:01 2004

Comment: This book has made it so all the winners can know each other after GM dropped the contest. I've discovered I worked for years with people who also won and they never mentioned it.

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